Design Manager

Auto Insurance App


Company: Total Care Auto
Industry: Automotive Insurance
Role: Product Designer
Project objective: Ability to manage your automotive insurance from a mobile app (including the ability to sign up for coverage via app).
Project Manager: Dean Cheesman
Tools: Sketch, Invision


TCA 1.0.png

A design brief was provided by the company with wire frames and interaction layout. What they were initially looking for was UI, but they were open to UX improvements. My main focus was on UI, but there were easy wins for UX such as including a bottom navigation bar, collapsible menus as opposed to nested menus, etc.

Problem: Customers don’t want to use a web interface anytime they need to check the status of current and past insurance claims as well as change/update/review their insurance policy.
Solution: Give the customer a mobile app that gives them complete control over their account as if they were using the web portal.

TCA 2.0.png

Process: Using the wireframes provided by the Total Care Auto, I listed out every user flow possible

  • Sign in

  • Sign up

  • Review contract

  • Check open claims

  • Check closed claims

  • Review vehicle information

  • Contact TCA

Once I identified these user flows, I drew out simple wireframes for each flow and began working in Sketch.

Maintaining brand identity: I used the Total Care Auto brand colors in gradients to help make the app feel more modern, while still maintaining their brands look and feel. We went through multiple iterations of the main interface look and feel. The final two in dispute were just a dark UI as opposed to a light UI. The decision to go with a light UI ended up being made simply to keep the app and website consistent with each other.

Get Started.png

Lessons learned: There can never be enough communication between client and designer. Show drafts early and often.