Design Manager

Employee Recognition


Company: Olumo
Industry: Employee Management Software  
Role: Product Designer
Project objective details: Complete redesign of an Employee Recognition platform. The software was great at telling you what was working and not working, but not at telling you what to do with that data. That is the problem we set out to solve.
Tools: Sketch


“The goal of Olumo is to drive results for your business because of the experiences you are creating for your employees.  Lots of HR software is touchy feely BS (let's make people happy and buy them hammocks for the office), but what we are trying to focus on is how you can improve your company's bottom line, reduce employee headcount, increase revenue, remove distractions, and streamline productivity based on the way you manage your largest asset, which is your employees.”

Olumo 1.png

Problem: Managers and executives need to both get a pulse on their employees and know what to do with that information

Solution: Survey the employees, show relative metrics to executives, provide a learning tool that is dynamic with the outcomes they are seeing from their employees.


Some of the key features:

Main dashboard.

This allows you to quickly check the pulse on some of you need to know metrics. You can pin metrics to your home dashboard from other places in the app.



Playbooks are where experts from Olumo share their knowledge and insight on some of the areas where your business might be struggling. This will become an LMS in phase 2 or 3, but for now it’s laid out like an article or a blog post.

Olumo 3.png

Filter and metric sorting tool.

This tool lets you filter employee metrics and sort down to the exact age range, department, location, salary range, and gender so you know exactly what groups are struggling and need more attention. This tool lets you dig deep, but since all employee answers are anonymous, You need to have at least 10 people in the group you are wanting to filter.



Polls is a feature that lets you quickly ask one of three types of questions - Scale of 11-5, multiple choice, or free response. Olumo is able to report on the sentiment of the answers as well as other metrics like employee engagement with the question, and number of responses, etc.

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Lessons Learned: Set more realistic deadlines. Every deadline was terribly aggressive (I only have myself to blame) and caused me some very late nights trying to keep up with what I had promised.