Design Manager

Fine Artist Platform

Company: Ahvo
Industry: Fine Art Distribution
Project objective: Create a marketplace where fine art can be auctioned, purchased, sold, viewed, shared, and conversed about.
Tools: Sketch


 Before I joined the team, the core product was established, but there were major features still missing. I was tasked with designing and conceptualizing a few new features. The one I want to showcase here is Groups - a way for like minded artists and art fans to share and converse in closed or open groups.

Using familiar groups structures like a message board or facebook groups, I was able to start with a general idea of what Ahvo groups should both look and feel like.

Groups Discussion tab

Groups Discussion tab

2 main actions in Groups:
• Start a discussion
• Post artwork

The client wanted to keep the views for each action separate so I used tabs to separate the them.

Groups settings needed to incorporate a moderation tool, where the admins could go through and moderate the posts that had been flagged. This tool was to be reused as the internal moderation tool for Ahvo employees to review flagged posts on the platform in general.

Group settings and moderation tool

Group settings and moderation tool


Lessons learned: Not all of my ideas will get approved, but I that doesn't have to keep me from executing a different idea to the best of my abilities. My idea to keep the posts and discussions together was shot down, but I was still able to come up with a well designed and well executed feature that I was happy with at the end of the day.