Design Manager

New Customer Experience


Company: Jolt
Industry: Operations Software
Role: UX Researcher
Project objective: Identify the what the user should see upon first arriving in the product.
Tools: Customer Calls &



Problem: New customers were being dropped into a confusing workflow when they first logged into jolt.
Solution: Provide an on-boarding experience that shows the value of the product within the first 30 seconds of interaction.

One of the first projects I was put on at Jolt was to improve the customers first experience from purchasing the product - to logging in. (My role was strictly research and discovery, the design tasks was handed off to another member of the design team).

Since Jolt has so many products to choose from, the first experience for a new customer should reflect what they were interested in using out of the suite of products. I came up with a flow that was focused on what the customer expressed interest in first. The flow would first introduce them to said product, then introduce them to products that complimented the first product.

Jolt Setup Master.png