Design Manager

Prep Lists


Company: Jolt
Industry: Operations Software
Role: Product Designer
Project objective: Test previous designs of the Prep Lists product and iterate on them based of customer feedback & user tests
Tools:  Customer Calls/User Tests & Figma


Problem: Restaurant chains don’t have an efficient way to prep the food they need each day. They are using paper and pencil with no archived history that they can use to make smart food prep decisions. It’s wasting time/food/money.
Solution: A user friendly digital prep list that does all of the On-Hand and PAR value calculations for you.


The Prep List product had been built and was being tested by 40 customer locations, but every single customer said that it was not benefiting them because of certain features that were either missing or poorly designed and executed. I spoke with around 20 of these customers and eventually got to the route of the problem. We had originally built it with one workflow in mind. There are many ways that restaurants approach prepping their food, and the way they created their prep lists needed to be flexible enough to handle that.

Once we felt like we had gotten enough feedback, we took the results and design changes to the stakeholders (CEO & CTO) and got the go ahead to make the changes.



When testing the changes the feedback was unanimous - Prep Lists was going to improve the way that each of these different customers prepped their food (saving them time and reducing food waste which results in money savings).